1Why go for a Title Loan?
The reasons vary from people's preferences. Maybe they need help until their next payday or they have a difficult month because of extra expenses. Or they just want to do something special with some extra cash.
2Why choose Bad Credit Car Loans Prince George?
It's easy! We offer the lowest interest rates in Prince George and its nearby location and get our customers the maximum money according to the value of their vehicle. Our clients do not have to perform credit checks to get the loan approved.
3Which documents are required to get a title loan?
We need information about your vehicle, such as the model, brand and condition of your vehicle, and a valid Canadian driving license.
4Do I need a good credit?
We do not check your credit score. Our title loans are based entirely on your vehicle and its quality.
5Do I have to be employed?
The loan amount you can get is based on the value of the vehicle instead of your work status.
6How quick does the procedure take to get the loan?
It depends on how quickly we receive all required documents. Once users have submitted all documents, it takes us less than an hour to process the loan in your account.
7Can I payback the loan earlier than what my agreement says?
Of course! You can repay your loan as quickly as you want, and also without any hidden charges or penalties for prepayment.
8Which area do you offer title loans?
We provide loans in Prince George city and it's nearby areas.
9How do I submit a payment for my title loan?
All payments are made by check, cash, credit card, money order or Moneygram.
10Does title loan have an impact on my creditworthiness?
No credit checks are needed when requesting a title loan from us. We only use the collateral in your vehicle. In case of default on the loan, nothing is reported to credit bureaus, but you can lose the possession of the vehicle.
11Do I have full use of the vehicle?
Yes! You keep the vehicle while the loan applies to you. However, you must pay the installments of the borrowed loan.
12How much can I borrow?
How much can I borrow? The loan amount you get depends on the value of your vehicle. The loan offer can be up to $ 25,000.